Kim Jong Un Receives Kamikaze Drones, Bul­let­proof Vest As Gifts Dur­ing Rus­sia Trip

North Kore­an dic­ta­tor Kim Jong Un left Rus­sia on Sun­day with sev­er­al explo­sive drones and oth­er unique gifts as his rare trip out­side of his coun­try came to an end. 
Kim depart­ed Rus­sia fol­low­ing a six-day trip in which he met with Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin, toured var­i­ous facil­i­ties, and vis­it­ed sites in the country’s Far East. Accord­ing to Russ­ian news orga­ni­za­tions, he was gift­ed five explo­sive kamikaze drones, a bul­let­proof vest, and a recon­nais­sance drone, Fox News report­ed. 
“This is a body armor with pro­tec­tion zones for the chest, shoul­ders, throat and groin, and it is much lighter than its known analogs,” Russ­ian state media TASS report­ed regard­ing the bul­let­proof vest. 
The recon­nais­sance drone – a Gera­ni­um-25 air­craft-type drone – as well as the kamikaze drones and bul­let­proof vest were g …