Sleaze­ball Rick Wil­son Rips Mike Pence As ‘One Notch Short of Ston­ing Gays’

Rick Wil­son con­tin­ues to build his rep­u­ta­tion as the vilest creep in lib­er­al talk­ing-head land.
A reg­u­lar guest on MSNBC, Wil­son, co-founder of the dis­graced Lin­coln Project, appeared Sun­day on Katie Phang’s show. The seg­ment was devot­ed to tear­ing down Mike Pence and his pres­i­den­tial ambi­tions.
At one point, Wil­son said: 

“Mike Pence is one notch short of ston­ing gays.”

Of course, Wil­son was not required by MSNBC to offer any evi­dence in sup­port of his loath­some accu­sa­tion. It’s all good fun on a Sun­day morn­ing.
Per­haps the most well-known gay per­son in pol­i­tics is Pete Buttigieg. Back in 2015, short­ly after Buttigieg announced that he was gay, Pence said of him:

“I hold May­or Buttigieg …