Appeals Court Orders Face­book to Turn Over Doc­u­ments Relat­ed to COVID-19 Cen­sor­ship

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A fed­er­al court of appeals has man­dat­ed that Meta com­ply with a sub­poe­na requir­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion relat­ed to the Big Tech company’s oppres­sive cen­sor­ship of alleged COVID-19 “mis­in­for­ma­tion.”
Meta, which owns both Face­book and Insta­gram, among oth­er plat­forms, ini­tial­ly refused to com­ply with the sub­poe­na requir­ing doc­u­ments relat­ed to the company’s exten­sive COVID-19 cen­sor­ship. The D.C. Dis­trict Court of Appeals ruled on Sept. 14 that Meta must com­ply with the sub­poe­na, pre­sent­ing evi­dence to under­cut Meta’s claim that the subpoena’s expo­sure of anti-free speech cen­sor­ship would vio­late First Amend­ment rights. While the court did not seem to dis­agree with Meta’s anti-free speech phi­los­o­phy of cen­sor­ship, its insis­tence on com­pli­ance with the sub­poe­na could expose just how exten­sive the Big Tech c …