Gen­er­ous Hol­ly­wood Tal­ent: They Auc­tion Off Their Ser­vices But They Won’t Write A Check.

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I’m excit­ed to announce to you that the Union Sol­i­dar­i­ty Coali­tion, a group of qua­si-famous actors, actress­es, and writ­ers, is now auc­tion­ing off their ser­vices to ben­e­fit their crews’ health care fund. I should remind you that every sin­gle per­son who’s auc­tion­ing off ser­vices is worth mil­lions of dol­lars. If they actu­al­ly want­ed to help ben­e­fit their crews’ health care fund, they could write a check.
That would be the best way to do it. If you are Lena Dun­ham and you come from a very wealthy fam­i­ly and have a net worth of $10-$12 mil­lion, an amaz­ing way to help peo­ple would be to write a check. If you’re B …