Grinch bots tar­get­ed in new bill

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(The Cen­ter Square) – Soft­ware pro­grams that gob­ble up tick­ets and oth­er in-demand items to prof­it off exor­bi­tant resale prices, also known as Grinch Bots, may soon face legal action from a much wider swath of harmed con­sumers.
That’s the goal of House Bill 1378, that would expand the pool of those able to pur­sue legal action to include venues, artists, and oth­er rights hold­ers and allow for civ­il action to include dam­ages, legal fees, and up to $1,000 per tick­et.
“This island of mis­fit toys pop­u­lat­ed by bots is often passed off as the free mar­ket and con­sumer pro­tec­tion advo­cates as big gove …