How Sen­a­tors Are React­ing To ‘Fet­ter­man Rule’ Dress Code

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Sen­a­tors are speak­ing out on the deci­sion to relax the chamber’s dress code that some are call­ing “The Fet­ter­man rule,” a nod to Sen. John Fet­ter­man (D‑PA) with his pen­chant for hood­ies and gym shorts.
Major­i­ty Leader Chuck Schumer (D‑NY) direct­ed the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms to stop enforce­ment of the infor­mal rules dic­tat­ing that mem­bers wear busi­ness attire on the Sen­ate floor. The change was tai­lored to only affect sen­a­tors and not staff mem­bers.
“Sen­a­tors are able to choose what they wear on the Sen­ate floor. I will con­tin­ue to wear a suit,” Schumer said in a state­ment to Axios, the first news out­let to report the change over the week­end.
As the sto­ry went viral, many of the 100 mem­bers of the Sen­ate began to react to the new cloth­ing par­a­digm. Some Repub­li­cans joked about it and offered wild out­fit ideas while oth­ers com­plained about the change or indi­cat­ed that they were not con­cerned.
Sen. Susan Collins (R‑ME) joked to reporters that she plan …