Morn­ing Joe Unites to Praise Trump! Sup­port Of Strik­ing Auto Work­ers A ‘Good Move’

If there’s any­thing that Morn­ing Joe utter­ly hates to do, it’s say­ing some­thing pos­i­tive about Don­ald Trump. Well, at least since 2016, that is.
So what does it take to get the show to stray from its Trump-hat­ing tra­di­tion? Sim­ple: have Trump side with the union over man­age­ment in a labor dis­pute.
And thus it was that, as we say in our News­Busters rubric, there was “sud­den respect” for Trump on today’s Morn­ing Joe. 
It came in response to the news that Trump will skip the sec­ond Repub­li­can debate, trav­el­ing instead to Detroit to give a prime­time speech express­ing his sup­port for the autowork­ers in their strike against Ford, Gen­er­al Motors, and Stel­lan­tis [own­er of Chrysler and Dodge.]
From Joe Scar­bor­ough, to Jonathan Lemire, to Kat­ty Kay, to Elise Jor­dan …