MSNBC Fawns Over ‘Pow­er­ful,’ ‘Com­pre­hen­sive,’ ‘Pos­i­tive’ Biden Speech at the U.N.

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Pres­i­dent Biden made his 2023 address Tues­day morn­ing to the Unit­ed Nations Gen­er­al Assem­bly and, as pre­dict­ed, the lib­er­al media were there to swoon over it like North Kore­an pro­pa­gan­dists. MSNBC played that role, tout­ing it as a “com­pre­hen­sive” set of remarks with “pow­er­ful” and “pos­i­tive” mes­sag­ing that showed con­cern for cli­mate change and Ukraine.
MSNBC host and NBC chief for­eign affairs cor­re­spon­dent Andrea Mitchell went first, swoon­ing over how Biden “wrapped” a litany of top­ics “togeth­er in that dec­la­ra­tion at the end to pro­tect the plan­et, pro­tect human dig­ni­ty, the — you know, the oppor­tu­ni­ty for peo­ple around the world, talk­ing about Ukraine, talk­ing abou …