New­som prais­es Kamala Har­ris and touts her as best choice to stay on as Biden’s vice pres­i­dent

Gov. Gavin New­som (D‑CA) praised Vice Pres­i­dent Kamala Har­ris on Mon­day and claimed she was the best can­di­date to serve as the vice pres­i­dent for Pres­i­dent Joe Biden in 2024.
New­som respond­ed to calls for Biden to drop Har­ris because of her low poll rat­ings and inex­pe­ri­ence in nation­al and glob­al pol­i­tics. CNN host Dana Bash ques­tioned the gov­er­nor over his sup­port for her after for­mer House Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi (D‑CA) declined to say whether she believed Har­ris should be on the 2024 tick­et.
“[The] Biden-Har­ris admin­is­tra­tion [is a] mas­ter class in terms of per­for­mance — bipar­ti­san deals on infra­struc­ture, bipar­ti­san deals on guns and debt ceil­ing, on the CHIPS and Sci­ence Act,” New­som said. “I mean, by def­i­n­i­tion. I think this admin­is­tra­tion in the last 2 1/2 years has been one of the most out­stand­ing admin­is­tra­tions in the last few decades, and she’s a mem­ber of that admin­is­tra­tion. She gets to lay and claim cred­it to a lot of that suc­cess.”
The com­ment comes after three op-eds last week slammed Har­ris and claimed that crit­ics could back off of focus­ing on Biden’s age if he ha …