Pover­ty Rate Increas­es For First Time In Over A Decade: Bide­nomics!

It’s time for your dai­ly dose of Bide­nomics — where the rules are made up and the points don’t mat­ter.
In today’s les­son, we’ll learn how the U.S. pover­ty rate increas­ing for the first time in more than a decade is actu­al­ly a sign of a boom­ing econ­o­my or some­thing.
Accord­ing to the U.S. Cen­sus Bureau, a whop­ping 12.4% of Amer­i­cans lived in pover­ty in 2022. That’s up from 7.8% in 2021. In fact, it was the first increase in the U.S. pover­ty rate in 13 years.
That news comes as the Cen­sus also report­ed that the U.S. real medi­an house­hold income decreased by 2.3% to $74,580 in 20 …