Ste­fanik brags House thwart­ed Sen­ate omnibus bill to put mem­bers in ‘strongest nego­ti­at­ing posi­tion’ pos­si­ble

With ris­ing ten­sions between the cham­bers and an approach­ing hard dead­line, Con­gress has looked to a so-called omnibus the last sev­er­al years to pass the 12 full appro­pri­a­tions bills into a sin­gle bill, but the GOP-led House is shak­ing things up this year.
For the first time in five years, the Sen­ate Appro­pri­a­tions Com­mit­tee com­plet­ed actions on all 12 reg­u­lar appro­pri­a­tions bills with bipar­ti­san sup­port. Rep. Elise Ste­fanik (R‑NY) said House Repub­li­cans are lead­ing the charge on keep­ing an omnibus spend­ing bill off the table, giv­ing them the strongest nego­ti­at­ing stance.
“What is missed in a lot of this is, this is the first time the U.S. Sen­ate in near­ly a decade has actu­al­ly passed appro­pri­a­tions bills, and you know who forced that — it was the House Repub­li­cans that forced that,” Ste­fanik said Tues­day on Fox News.
The Sen­ate met on Mon­day to resume con­sid­er­a­tion of a minibus pro­pos­al that would com­bine three appro­pri­a­tions bills: mil­i­tary con­struc­tion and vet­er­ans affairs, trans­porta­tion and hous­ing, and agri­cul­ture. Last week, Sen …