VILE! Left­ist Media Blame Con­ser­v­a­tives for ‘Stok­ing’ Racial Hatred

It’s sick. For the past two months the left­ist media have pushed the bogus and dis­gust­ing nar­ra­tive that con­ser­v­a­tives (most­ly GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Flori­da Gov­er­nor Ron DeSan­tis) are try­ing to erase Black Amer­i­cans from the his­to­ry books.
It’s not remote­ly true. 
Worst of all, some lib­er­al jour­nal­ists even blamed con­ser­v­a­tives for the Jack­sonville shoot­ing in August. Lib­er­al hosts and reporters claimed  con­ser­v­a­tives who chal­lenged CRT the­o­ries being taught in pub­lic schools had sent a “sig­nal” that stoked “racial hatred,” that led to the Jack­sonville shoot­ing.
The fol­low­ing are some of the most recent and heinous exam­ples of the media accus­ing Repub­li­cans and con­ser­v­a­tives of stok­ing racial hatred:  

DeSan­tis Sent “Sig­nal” to Those Who Believe Black Peo­ple Are “Wor­thy of Exter­mi­na­tion”

“We can’t talk about …