CBS Joins ABC on Biden Bor­der Cri­sis, NBC Skips

ABC’s cov­er­age of the Biden bor­der cri­sis extend­ed into their flag­ship evening news­cast on Wednes­day evening with CBS join­ing them this time. NBC still appeared to have no inter­est in cov­er­ing this inter­na­tion­al cri­sis. While ABC’s World News Tonight man­aged to give con­sid­er­able air­time to the cri­sis, not once was Biden or his admin­is­tra­tion men­tioned. NBC Night­ly News com­plete­ly ignored the Biden induced cri­sis. 
NBC’s Lester Holt was too busy report­ing on a recall of Kraft cheese slices to care about the Unit­ed States being over­run with migrants. 
World News Tonight anchor David Muir report­ed at the top of the seg­ment there’s “anger over the migrant cri­sis in this coun­try.” In New York City, on Stat­en Island, that anger boil­ing over. Pro­test­ers pinned down, mul­ti­ple arrests,” Muir not­ed. “And it’s not …