DeSan­tis Pro­pos­es Plan He Says Will Achieve $2 Gas, Turn U.S. Into World’s Top Ener­gy Pro­duc­er

DeSantis Proposes Plan He Says Will Achieve  Gas, Turn U.S. Into World’s Top Energy Producer

Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Ron DeSan­tis unveiled his ener­gy agen­da dur­ing an event in Mid­land, Texas, on Wednes­day, promis­ing that his poli­cies will bring back $2 gas and turn the Unit­ed States into the world’s lead­ing ener­gy pro­duc­er.
DeSan­tis made the announce­ment after pre­vi­ous­ly rolling out his plan to deal with the bor­der cri­sis in June, his plan to fix the U.S. mil­i­tary in July, and his plan to make Amer­i­ca eco­nom­i­cal­ly inde­pen­dent in August.
DeSan­tis’ ener­gy plan — dubbed “Free­dom to Fuel” — includes six core com­po­nents, includ­ing: Restore Amer­i­can Ener­gy Dom­i­nance, Save the Amer­i­can Auto­mo­bile, Ele­vate Evi­dence Over Ide­ol­o­gy, Reform Envi­ron­men­tal Per­mit­ting and End Green Law­fare, Jump-Start Crit­i­cal Min­er­al and Fed­er­al Land Devel­op­ment and Build the Most Effi­cient, Afford­able, and Reli­able Ener­gy Grid in the World.
“We have it in our pow­er to reverse the country’s decline and engi­neer an incred­i­ble come­back for the Amer­i­can peo­ple,” DeSan­tis said at a Per­mi­an Deep Rock Oil Com­pa­ny drilling site. “And one of the ways we need to do that is by achiev­ing Amer­i­can ener­gy dom­i­nance.”
DeSan­tis’ plan calls for cut­ting Biden-era reg­u­la­tions that are hold­ing back oil and gas pro­duc­tion, scrap­ping glob­al …