White House calls Garland hearing a ‘not-so-sophisticated distraction’ from government shutdown

<div>White House calls Garland hearing a 'not-so-sophisticated distraction' from government shutdown</div>

The White House heartily criticized “extreme” House Republicans’ questioning of Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday.
Garland testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, just 11 days ahead of a looming funding deadline at month’s end, and White House spokesman Ian Sams called the hearing “a not-so-sophisticated distraction campaign to try to cover up their own actions that are hurtling America to a dangerous and costly government shutdown.”
“They cannot even pass a military funding bill because extreme House Republicans are demanding devastating cuts like slashing thousands of preschool slots nationwide and thousands of law enforcement jobs including border agents, so they cranked up a circus of a hearing full of lies and disinformation with the sole goal of baselessly attacking President Biden and his family,” Sams wrote in a statement. “Don’t be fooled: they want to distract from the reality that their own chaos and inability to govern is going to shut down the government in a matter of days, hurting our economy and national security and jeopardizing everything from troop pay to fighting fentanyl.”
“These sideshows won’t spare House Republicans from bearing responsibility for inflicting serious damage on the country,” he concluded.

The White House heartily criticized “extreme” House Republicans’ questioning of Atto …