Ron DeSantis pressed on EV stance as he hits Biden for trying to ‘control our behavior’

<div>Ron DeSantis pressed on EV stance as he hits Biden for trying to 'control our behavior'</div>

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was pressed on his perceived switch in stance toward electric vehicles amid his condemnation of the Biden administration for pushing them.
Speaking on an oil rig in Texas, DeSantis denounced the administration’s subsidizing of electric vehicles, arguing that it was part of a wider effort to “control our behavior.” In a sit-down interview with ABC News, Journalist Linsey Davis pointed out how he had subsidized electric vehicles himself during his position as governor of Florida. DeSantis denied that there was any contradiction in his actions.
“Well, there hasn’t been a change,” he retorted. “So as governor, I got money from the Volkswagen settlement to do EV infrastructure, so I can either use it or lose it. So that’s why we did it. We put in the charging stations, but I would never support mandating the production of EVs. I think that should be driven by the market.”
DeSantis then tied the issue to larger problems, such as national security.

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