Sun­ny Hostin: Any­one Who Votes Repub­li­can Is ‘Com­plic­it’ In School Shoot­ings

Sun­ny Hostin claimed on “The View” that any­one who vot­ed Repub­li­can — despite the GOP’s refusal to sup­port gun bans — was “com­plic­it” in school shoot­ings and had the blood of small chil­dren on their hands.
Hostin made the com­ments dur­ing Tuesday’s broad­cast of the ABC mid­day talk show in response to a con­ver­sa­tion that come­di­an Lar­ry David and X‑owner Elon Musk report­ed­ly had at a wed­ding.

UNHINGED: Joy Behar and racist Sun­ny Hostin declare that all Repub­li­cans and any­one who sup­ports the Sec­ond Amend­ment are 100% “com­plic­it” in school shoot­ings and the blood of chil­dren on their hands.
— Nicholas Fon­dac­aro (@NickFondacaro) Sep­tem­ber 19, 2023

The come­di­an and the entre­pre­neur had both been in atten­dance at a wed­ding in St. Tropez, France, and David had tak­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­front Musk about sup­port­ing Repub­li­cans.
“Do you just want to mur­der kids in schools?” David asked the bil­lion­aire, accord­ing to a new Musk biog­ra­phy by Wal­ter Isaac­son — appar­ent­ly in ref­er­ence to the schoo …