Things Are Heat­ing Up: CBS, OKCu­pid Agree ‘Cli­mate Change’ Is Make or Break for Dat­ing

Things Are Heating Up: CBS, OKCupid Agree ‘Climate Change’ Is Make or Break for Dating

CBS Morn­ings appar­ent­ly had noth­ing impor­tant to talk about on Wednes­day. What’s new?
Dur­ing their “Talk of the Table” seg­ment, hosts gath­ered to talk about how cli­mate change affects your dat­ing life. Sup­pos­ed­ly results from an OKCu­pid dat­ing app poll indi­cat­ed that not believ­ing in cli­mate change is the biggest deal break­er for app users. 
Talk about a waste of air­time. 
OKCu­pid is an inter­net dat­ing ser­vice. Think of Chris­t­ian Min­gle and think of the fur­thest thing from it. That’s what OKCu­pid is. The app reg­u­lar­ly pan­ders to left­ist talk­ing points. In 2022, the app released a slew of vir­tu­al Valen­tine’s Day cards. The cards fea­tured plants bare­ly …