Biden snubs Eric Adams dur­ing New York City trip after immi­grant flap

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden met with a series of world lead­ers this week, but he nev­er made it to city hall.
Biden returned Wednes­day night from New York City, where he attend­ed the Gen­er­al Assem­bly of the Unit­ed Nations, made speech­es, and attend­ed fundrais­ers with well-heeled Demo­c­ra­t­ic donors.
He did not meet with New York May­or Eric Adams, who became a Biden crit­ic as more than 110,000 immi­grants arrived in his city over the last 18 months.
“Pres­i­dent Biden’s com­ing to the city,” Adams, a Demo­c­rat, said Wednes­day. “I am hop­ing that he under­stands this beau­ti­ful city that’s the eco­nom­ic engine of the entire coun­try is being sad­dled with $2 bil­lion that we spent already, $5 bil­lion we’re going to spend in this fis­cal cri­sis, $12 bil­lion in the next two bud­getary cycles. New York does­n’t deserve this. The asy­lum seek­ers don’t deserve this.”
Adams has not exact­ly become a bor­der hawk. He has called Gov. Greg Abbott (R‑TX) a “mad­man” for send­ing bus­es of vol­un­teer immi­grants to his city and is call­ing for immi­grants to receive work per­mits faster so that they can get jobs.
The White House has so far resist­ed calls to speed up work per­mits, report­ed­ly over con­cerns about law­suits and the like­li­hood of such a move to draw more immi­grants to the bor­der.
The may­or did not direct­ly crit­i­cize Biden for not meet­ing with him, though he was asked about it in three sep­a­rate local tele­vi­sion inter­views on Wednes­day morn­ing. Each time, Adams reit­er­at­ed that he’s in com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the White House and stressed the stakes of the sit­u­a­tion.
Adams says 10,00 …