CNN Whines Fox News to Remain ‘Right-Wing’ After Mur­doch Steps Down

CNN Whines Fox News to Remain ‘Right-Wing’ After Murdoch Steps Down

On Thurs­day, Rupert Mur­doch, the chair­man of Fox Corp. and News Corp., announced he would be step­ping down lat­er this year. But the fact he would be turn­ing over con­trol to his son Lach­lan Mur­doch threw cold water on any excite­ment Fox News haters in the lib­er­al would have. The ones hurt most by that real­iza­tion were the lib­er­als of CNN, chief among them was media urchin Oliv­er Dar­cy who appeared on CNN’s Inside Pol­i­tics to belly­ache that Fox would not ditch their “right-wing” “world view.”
“Big news from the media world. Rupert Mur­doch step­ping down as chair­man of Fox Cor­po­ra­tion and News Cor­po­ra­tion. Few peo­ple have had a big­ger impact on Amer­i­can pol­i­tics in the 21st cen­tu­ry than the 92-year-old media mogul,” chief con­gres­sion­al cor­re­spon­dent Manu Raju announced while fill­ing in for host Dana Bash.
And in going to Dar­cy, Raju asked the Orwellian ques­tion: “What do we think about this change?”
Da …