Joy Behar Tells Stu­dio Audi­ence To ‘Boo’ Ron DeSan­tis, Whoopi Calls Him A ‘Bat­man’ Vil­lain

Joy Behar Tells Studio Audience To ‘Boo’ Ron DeSantis, Whoopi Calls Him A ‘Batman’ Villain

Joy Behar instruct­ed the stu­dio audi­ence to “boo” Gov­er­nor Ron DeSan­tis (R‑FL) dur­ing Thursday’s broad­cast of “The View” — and co-host Whoopi Gold­berg com­pared the 2024 pres­i­den­tial hope­ful to a clas­sic “Bat­man” vil­lain.
Gold­berg brought up the top­ic, ref­er­enc­ing an inter­view DeSan­tis did with ABC News anchor Lin­sey Davis, and laughed off reports that he “took on” for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump regard­ing their oppos­ing views on abor­tion leg­is­la­tion.
“So, also going on in the world, the Flori­da Gov­er­nor, Ron DeSan­tis,” Gold­berg exag­ger­at­ed his name, paus­ing for a reac­tion from the audi­ence and laugh­ing at her­self. “Inter­viewed … … I’m so sor­ry. No, no, I’m gig­gling, I’m gig­gling, because he has an inter­view with ABC News Live Prime anchor Lin­sey Davis and he ‘took on’ you-know-who … yeah, right … and oth­er can­di­dates.”
Gold­berg then cued up a clip of the Flori­da gov­er­nor, cur­rent­ly polling in sec­ond place in most states behind Trump, from that inter­view. “He claimed to be pro-life,” DeSan­tis said of Trump, who recent­ly referre …