No Brain, No Brawn: Here’s The Lat­est Woke Razor Com­pa­ny

No Brain, No Brawn: Here’s The Latest Woke Razor Company

We have some good news and some bad news. 
We’ll get the bad news out of the way first: Yet anoth­er razor com­pa­ny has decid­ed to embrace rad­i­cal gen­der ide­ol­o­gy and force so-called “gen­der-affirm­ing care” down its con­sumers’ throats.
This time, it’s Braun — the Proc­ter & Gam­ble-owned razor com­pa­ny that was found­ed by Max Braun in 1921 and was char­ac­ter­ized in part by its “pro­gres­sive ideas,” accord­ing to its web­site. 
Oh, the com­pa­ny still has some “pro­gres­sive” ideas, all right. 
Or per­haps the bet­ter word nowa­days is “trans­gres­sive” — as explained by Dai­ly Wire Edi­tor Emer­i­tus Ben Shapiro. In the year 2023, Braun is endors­ing the idea that women can become men, and that surg­eries that remove body parts are some­thing worth pro­mot­ing.

On Wednes­day, The Dai­ly Wire report­ed that the U.K. branch of the groom­ing com­pa­ny has fea­tured a woman iden­ti­fy­ing as a man to mod­el the company’s Series X hybrid trim­mers. The female mod­el appears to have under­gone a dou­ble mas­tec­to­my, a pro­ce­dure fre­quent­ly done when women who iden­ti­fy as men have their breasts removed to look less fem­i­nine.

Braun is now cel­e­brat­ing the muti­la­tion cult of gen­der. …