Scarborough: Forget Biden Dementia Concerns, Trump Clearly Has ‘Dementia’!

<div>Scarborough: Forget Biden Dementia Concerns, Trump Clearly Has 'Dementia'!</div>

A recent poll found that 77% of Americans think Joe Biden is too old to be effective if re-elected. Joe Scarborough recently let the cat out of the bag that every conversation he has about Biden is about his age. 
So now, it looks like it’s time to remedy that, to turn the tables, and attack Trump on his own supposed issues of mental acuity.
And thus it was that on today’s Morning Joe, shameless Biden toady Joe Scarborough actually suggested that Trump has “dementia.”

“If you look at what happened last weekend, Willie, where you looked at him and he just got lost, he just blanked, and he couldn’t even [laughs] remember, one, who he was running against in 2024 . . . You know, we’ve all been around people with dementia, people getting older, people forgetting things.”

Scarborough’s mention of “what happened last weekend” was a reference to remarks Trump made last Friday to a Republican group in which he appeared to suggest he was triumphing in early polls against Obama, not Biden, and that Biden could lead us into “World War II.”
Scarborough repeatedly cited yesterday’s editorial by the Wall Street Journal editorial board entitled “Why Is Donald Trump Afraid to Debate?” In addition to suggesting other candidates might …