Menen­dez Address­es Grow­ing Calls To Resign After Cor­rup­tion Charges

Menendez Addresses Growing Calls To Resign After Corruption Charges

Sen. Bob Menen­dez (D‑NJ) was defi­ant amid grow­ing calls for him to resign on Fri­day after he was indict­ed on mul­ti­ple fed­er­al cor­rup­tion charges.
“Those who believe in jus­tice believe in inno­cence until proven guilty,” said Menen­dez. “I intend to con­tin­ue to fight for the peo­ple of New Jer­sey with the same suc­cess I’ve had for the past five decades.”
“This is the same record of suc­cess these very same lead­ers have laud­ed all along,” he con­tin­ued. “It is not lost on me how quick­ly some are rush­ing to judge a Lati­no and push him out of his seat. I am not going any­where.”

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