WashPost EXPOSED for Sneaky Campaign to Cancel Dave Portnoy’s Pizza Festival

<div>WashPost EXPOSED for Sneaky Campaign to Cancel Dave Portnoy's Pizza Festival</div>

One long-running joke about The Washington Post (and The New York Times) is they are so relentlessly biased in their journalism that you can locate it anywhere in the paper, including the Food sections. The latest, very flagrant example is the blowout this week between the Post and Dave Portnoy, the wildly popular “El Presidente” of Barstool Sports.
On Wednesday, Portnoy took to Twitter with a video interview of Post feature writer Emily Heil, confronting her directly with emails that Heil sent requesting comment – and a cancel-culture moment – on a pizza festival organized by Portnoy.
Heil requested comment on Portnoy’s trail of “misogynistic” comments, implying everyone who participated in his pizza-fest was slimed by association. Portnoy exposed Heil’s manipulative method — an attempt to blacken Portnoy and his event, and then when the hit piece was fully assembled, then you interview the victim.
On Friday, the Post published its story, headlined “Pizzerias …