British to Be Forced to Dri­ve Elec­tric

LONDON – British Prime Min­is­ter Rishi Sunak, after first announc­ing a man­date requir­ing all fos­sil fueled vehi­cles sold in the UK after 2030 to be elec­tric, suc­cumbed to pres­sure from the Con­ser­v­a­tive Par­ty and with­in his own gov­ern­ment and announced Wednes­day a delay until 2035. His goal remains net zero by 2050.
Sunak’s goal con­tin­ues to be based on his view that “cli­mate change” is real and can be affect­ed by what humans do. This remains debat­able, but you wouldn’t know if from watch­ing or read­ing British media which, like U.S. media, reg­u­lar­ly refuse to present argu­ments from sci­en­tists who dis­agree.
Asked about the effect …