DEFCON-1: ABC Keeps ‘Sounding the Alarm’ Over Bad Biden Poll; Voters ‘Aren’t Buying’ in

On Monday’s Good Morning America, ABC was still beside itself after Sunday’s This Week unfurled the results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that showed ominous news about President Biden’s age, how Americans view his handling of the border crisis and the economy, and Trump having a nine-point lead nationally over the President.
“The race for 2024. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll sounding the alarm for President Biden in a head to head with former President Trump,” teased co-host and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos.

Fast-forward to the actual segment and chyron stating the poll “finds weakness on the economy & immigration,” Stephanopoulos fretted the poll “signal[ed] trouble for President Biden.”
Chief White House correspondent and Biden apple polisher Mary Bruce seemed befuddled Americans weren’t as enthusiastic about Biden as she was. In the quote below, take note of her lie about inflation “easing” (when it’s actually a slower increasing rate of inflation a …