Fet­ter­man doesn’t get angst over casu­al style: ‘Ted Cruz could show up dressed like Spi­der-Man’

Sen. John Fet­ter­man (D‑PA) said he does not under­stand why peo­ple are fix­at­ed on his casu­al style.
While appear­ing on The Rei­d­Out, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Fet­ter­man about the “right-wing freak-out” over his dress code and why he thinks “peo­ple are so fix­at­ed” on him.

“I real­ly don’t [know],” Fet­ter­man said. “Ted Cruz could show up dressed like Spi­der-Man and I would be OK with that.”
“I do think that we have more impor­tant kinds of things to be wor­ry­ing about,” the Demo­c­ra­t­ic sen­a­tor con­tin­ued, point­ing to the recent indict­ment of Sen. Bob Menen­dez (D‑NJ), the loom­ing gov­ern­ment shut­down dead­line, or Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s impeach­ment inquiry.
Fet­ter­man slammed House Repub­li­cans for “pet­ty chaos by dimin­ished men” as they nar­row­ly vot­ed to advance a batch of spend­ing bills with just five days to fund the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment before it would shut down as the fis­cal year dead­line approach­es.
“You know, the last time they did this kind of thing, it result­ed in anoth­er cred­it [down­grad­ing]. We need to get to the point where it’s like, if they want to be this stu­pid to do this again, they’re going to pay in 2024,” he sa …