How Often Did Media Pro­mote Pun­dits From Iran’s ‘Expert Ini­tia­tive’?

<div>How Often Did Media Promote Pundits From Iran's 'Expert Initiative'?</div>

Jay Solomon over at Semafor is out with a piece that details how the Iran­ian For­eign Min­istry worked close­ly with a bunch of Amer­i­can and Euro­pean aca­d­e­mics to help sell the Iran nuclear deal back in 2014 by repeat­ing Tehran’s lines. Mem­bers of the group, dubbed the Iran Experts Ini­tia­tive, were fre­quent sources for media out­lets before and after the deal was signed in 2015.
Ari­ane Tabatabai was one of the aca­d­e­mics and she “shared a link with Zahrani to an arti­cle she’d pub­lished in the Boston Globe that out­lined the ‘Five Myths about Iran’s Nuclear Pro­gram.’ The piece explained why Iran needs nuclear pow­er and high­light­ed a fat­wa, or reli­gious edict, that Iran’s Supreme Leader Aya­tol­lah Khamenei alleged­ly issued for­bid­ding the devel­op­ment of nuclear weapons as un-Islam­ic. Some West­ern offi­cials have …