On MSNBC, Stelter Blames Murdoch for Sowing Division, Neighbor Hatred (MSNBC Doesn’t?)

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<div>On MSNBC, Stelter Blames Murdoch for Sowing Division, Neighbor Hatred (MSNBC Doesn't?)</div>

Is there anything stranger than crusading leftists on CNN and MSNBC blaming Fox News for dividing Americans? Soon after CNN anchor Abby Phillip attacked Fox News for “outrage porn,” MSNBC’s The Sunday Show offered ex-CNNer Brian Stelter blaming Rupert Murdoch for dividing America, pitting neighbor against neighbor. 
Name-dropping the title of his new anti-Fox book, Stelter excoriated the outlet as a “Network of Lies” and laughably claimed that Fox, unlike the pro-Biden media, is “not rooted in reality.”
The segment was remarkable, coming on the same fulminating cable network that has a substantial history of trafficking in vitriol against conservative public figures, even in this segment. Host Jonathan Capehart recalled congressional Republicans who are resisting a budget deal as he segued to the issue of Fox’s future:

But if you zoom out, you can see the real roots of Republican craziness. One of the key factors, media mogul and architect of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, who announced he is stepping down as chairman this week. As a column in The New York Times noted, Rupert Murdoch’s empire used passion and grievance as fuel and turned it into money and power.

There’s no “passion …