Col­umn: Net­work ‘News’ Nar­ra­tive Pun­ish­es the GOP In Any ‘Shut­down Show­down’

<div>Column: Network 'News' Narrative Punishes the GOP In Any 'Shutdown Showdown'</div>

The night­ly “news” can­not be expect­ed to offer you an “explain­er” on any­thing hap­pen­ing in Wash­ing­ton. Their rat­ings gurus would tell them that try­ing to edu­cate the audi­ence on how Con­gress works, for exam­ple, would result in eye-rolls and chan­nel flips to “Wheel of For­tune.”
What they call “news” is more accu­rate­ly described as a neg­a­tive polit­i­cal adver­tise­ment. Take the lat­est impend­ing gov­ern­ment shut­down. No net­work – even the “pub­lic” one – is going to explain the appro­pri­a­tions process, and how in “reg­u­lar order,” a series of spend­ing bills funds the gov­ern­ment over the fis­cal year (which begins in Octo­ber), and how a “con …