Even James Carville Admits Biden Has A ‘Big F***ing’ Polling Prob­lem

Even James Carville Admits Biden Has A ‘Big F***ing’ Polling Problem

Bad polling num­bers for Pres­i­dent Joe Biden are fuel­ing con­cerns about his 2024 re-elec­tion cam­paign seek­ing a sec­ond term in the White House.
Biden’s job approval fig­ures have dropped to the low 40s on aver­age while some polls indi­cate a hypo­thet­i­cal 2020 rematch lean­ing in favor of for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump.
Then there is the fact that Biden is already the old­est per­son to be pres­i­dent at 80. In recent polls, vot­ers have expressed deep reser­va­tions about the pres­i­dent regard­ing his age and fit­ness to lead effec­tive­ly.
Amid a grow­ing debate about whether Biden should step aside, Demo­c­ra­t­ic strate­gist James Carville recent­ly summed up the dilem­ma for his par­ty dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion on HBO host Bill Maher’s “Club Ran­dom.”
“If we had some­body under 60 and ran against Trump, we would get 55%. … I don’t like when peo­ple take one poll and you extrap­o­late too much of it. I’ve seen the last eight polls and they’re all the same,” he said.
“Sev­en­ty-three per­cent to 77% of the coun­try does not want Biden to run again — I’m just going to round that to 75. Okay?” Carville added. “That’s a big f***ing num­ber, man.”
A lot could change in the next 404 days until the 2024 elec­tion, but in the past few weeks, Biden has faced increased pres­sure to drop out of the race as a myr­i­ad of issues pile up, includ­ing an impeach­ment inquiry, a surge in migrants, and a pos­si­ble gov­ern­ment …