Repub­li­can debate: Fact-check­ing claims made by can­di­dates in sec­ond GOP matchup

GOP pres­i­den­tial hope­fuls clashed in the sec­ond pri­ma­ry debate on Wednes­day in occa­sion­al­ly bit­ter exchanges on the econ­o­my, for­eign pol­i­cy, and immi­gra­tion.
With front-run­ner Don­ald Trump absent from the stage, the Repub­li­can rivals aimed most of their fire at each oth­er. Busi­ness­man Vivek Ramaswamy absorbed many of the blows.
The can­di­dates occa­sion­al­ly relied on mis­lead­ing argu­ments to press their points, while oth­ers accu­rate­ly cit­ed their records.
Here is a fact check of the debate.
“We’ve paid down over 25% of our state debt.” – Gov. Ron DeSan­tis (R‑FL)
DeSan­tis has paid down near­ly a quar­ter of his state’s debt since tak­ing office.
In 2018, the year DeSan­tis won the gov­er­nor­ship, Florida’s debt sat at $21 bil­lion.
By July of this year, the state gov­ern­ment had paid off $5 bil­lion of that debt.
The state debt had already start­ed drop­ping before DeSan­tis took office; it shrunk by more than $7 bil­lion over the eight pre­vi­ous years.
How­ev­er, DeSan­tis presided over a sub­stan­tial reduc­tion in the state bud­get, and it was as large as he stat­ed.
For­mer New Jer …