‘This Is False’: NYT Fact-Check­ers Defend Biden From Claims He Hides in His Base­ment

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Dur­ing Wednesday’s GOP pres­i­den­tial debate, the var­i­ous reporters at The New York Times assem­bled to fact-check the var­i­ous can­di­dates and it did go well as they attacked them every­thing from “Joe Biden hides in his base­ment” to Iran to ener­gy to trans­gen­derism.
On for­mer New Jer­sey Gov. Chris Christie’s claim that “Joe Biden hides in his base­ment,” White House cor­re­spon­dent Michael Shear got hyper-lit­er­al, “this is false.”
Of course, Christie was speak­ing metaphor­i­cal­ly about how Biden dodges account­abil­i­ty for things like the nation­al debt. Christie also accused Don­ald Trump of hid­ing behind his golf clubs, but since that was obvi­ous­ly metaphor­i­cal and an attack on Trump, Shear left it alone. While Shear did not take sides in a Repub­li­can-on-Repub­li­can dis­pute he did take sides on the Repu …