Flash­back: Biden Tells Auto Work­er He’s ‘Full Of S***’ In Resur­faced 2020 Clip

Flashback: Biden Tells Auto Worker He’s ‘Full Of S***’ In Resurfaced 2020 Clip

As it relates to the president’s claims that “Bide­nomics” is good for the Amer­i­can autowork­er, or any oth­er kind of Amer­i­can work­er for that mat­ter,  the pres­i­dent is “full of s***” — to steal a phrase from the man him­self.
The Biden administration’s push to “elec­tri­fy” the car indus­try is going to kill hun­dreds of thou­sands of jobs. He’s tried to stave off the back­lash by send­ing bil­lions to “retro­fit” exist­ing fac­to­ries, but even then plen­ty of well-pay­ing roles will be elim­i­nat­ed in key swing states, accord­ing to one study.
To try and pull the wool over the eyes of the strik­ing Unit­ed Autowork­ers’ eyes, Biden recent­ly joined the pick­et line on Tues­day in Michi­gan. While there, Biden promised he was on the side of the blue-col­lar vot­er, all while ignor­ing that his administration’s goal of boost­ing elec­tric car sales will push auto man­u­fac­tur­ing to coun­tries like Chi­na where it is cheap­er to make parts nec­es­sary for such vehi­cles.
For many, the scene brought to mind …