Michi­gan Supreme Court Orders Judges To Use Pre­ferred Pro­nouns Of Attor­neys, Lit­i­gants

Michigan Supreme Court Orders Judges To Use Preferred Pronouns Of Attorneys, Litigants

Judges and court staff in Michi­gan must use par­ties’ pre­ferred pro­nouns, the state’s high­est court ruled Wednes­day. 
Under the new rule adopt­ed by the Michi­gan Supreme Court, attor­neys and lit­i­gants can list their “pre­ferred salu­ta­tions and per­son­al pro­nouns” on court records that judges must abide by begin­ning on Jan­u­ary 1, 2024, The Detroit News report­ed. The new rule was con­sid­ered and debat­ed at length before the court approved the rule by a 5–2 major­i­ty, mak­ing Michi­gan the first state to require judges to use par­ties’ pre­ferred pro­nouns. 
“We serve the entire pub­lic and are required to treat those who come before us with civil­i­ty and respect,” said Demo­c­rat-nom­i­nat­ed Jus­tice Eliz­a­beth Welch in her con­cur­ring state­ment. “The gen­der iden­ti­ty of a mem­ber of the pub­lic is a part of their indi­vid­ual iden­ti­ty, regard­less of whether oth­ers agree or approve …