Sec­ond GOP Debate Marred By Uni­vi­sion Moderator’s Anti-Amer­i­can HATE and LIES

Second GOP Debate Marred By Univision Moderator’s Anti-American HATE and LIES

The sec­ond GOP pres­i­den­tial pri­ma­ry debate Wednes­day night was a case study in why the Repub­li­can Par­ty shouldn’t award debate mod­er­a­tion priv­i­leges to hos­tile and dis­hon­est mem­bers of the lib­er­al media. While Fox Busi­ness Net­work occu­pied two of the mod­er­a­tor posi­tions (Stu­art Var­ney and Dana Peri­no), the third was giv­en to Uni­vi­sion anchor Ilia Calderón. Her ques­tions were by far the most anti-Amer­i­can and dis­hon­est; rang­ing from lies about gun vio­lence being “unique” to Amer­i­ca to blam­ing Amer­i­ca for the drug traf­fick­ing at the south­ern bor­der, and more.
In a ques­tion direct­ed to North Dako­ta gov­er­nor Doug Bur­gum, Calderón ped­dled the lib­era …