CBS Sun­day Morn­ing ‘News’ Airs Robert Reich Rant End­ing with Vote-Demo­c­rat Appeal

<div>CBS Sunday Morning 'News' Airs Robert Reich Rant Ending with Vote-Democrat Appeal</div>

Clear­ly, the Democ­rats and the net­works — and we repeat our­selves — are a lit­tle bit­ter than the lat­est poten­tial gov­ern­ment shut­down was avert­ed. CBS Sun­day Morn­ing aired a ranty edi­to­r­i­al from social­ist econ­o­mist Robert Reich — Bill Clin­ton’s diminu­tive Sec­re­tary of Labor. Reich attacked “MAGA extrem­ists” and end­ed with an appeal to Vote for Democ­rats. 
“We avert­ed a gov­ern­ment shut­down for now,” Reich began. “But this kind of last-minute and tem­po­rary Per­ils of Pauline dra­ma is itself harm­ful to Amer­i­ca. Wow, Reich is show­ing his age — 77. The Per­ils of Pauline debuted at the the­ater in 1947. I might say The Per­ils of Pene­lope Pit­stop, a TV car­toon from my child­hood. That’s 1969. 
Reich repeat­ed all the hor­ror sto­ries the net­works were using — we almost tem­porar­i­ly went with­out food safe­ty inspec­tions and “clean water pro­tec­tions” and “nutri­tion pro­grams for chil­dren.” They can’t believe none of those things hap­pened. But they still need to whip the GOP.

“The blame falls square­ly on …