Chris Murphy says people who ‘support democracy’ know to vote for Biden, not RFK Jr.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has predicted that President Joe Biden does not need to worry about Robert Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy regarding the 2024 presidential election, as voters who “support democracy” will vote for the president.
RFK Jr., seen by many to be the biggest competitor to Biden in securing the Democratic Party’s 2024 nomination, is reportedly planning to switch tickets and run as an independent in the upcoming presidential election. Asked if such a run by RFK Jr. would hurt Biden’s reelection chances, Murphy said no.
“Frankly, what you see is that portions of the electorate that are interested in Robert Kennedy Jr. tend to be coming from Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory base,” Murphy said. “So if he’s running as an independent, I think that may end up hurting Donald Trump, or the Republican nominee, more than Joe Biden.”

Murphy added that the ongoing press coverage on RFK Jr’s run is “a bit of an elite media fascination.” He also stated that third-party candidates will not play as big a role in the 2024 presidential election that people may …