Hey Scarborough: If 80 Is Too Old To Run a Campaign, It’s WAY Too Old To Run a Country

<div>Hey Scarborough: If 80 Is Too Old To Run a Campaign, It's WAY Too Old To Run a Country</div>

​​​​​​Joe Scarborough is a master of false modesty. His typical shtick is to describe himself as “a simple country lawyer.”
In a variation on that, last week we caught faux-humble Scarborough saying, “I’m not good at this politics thing.”
But given the gaffe Scarborough committed on Wednesday’s Morning Joe, perhaps Joe wasn’t speaking with false modesty at all— but simply telling the truth about his paucity of political skill.
For the second day in a row, Scarborough went on a rant, criticizing the Biden campaign for not attacking Trump harder. With all of the indictments and civil suits, Scarbrough insisted “it all needs to be boiled down and put out to voters. And we can’t expect federal judges to do it, or state judges to do it, or anybody else to do it but the Biden campaign! The question is, are they able to do that? Do they have the ability to punch back?” 
On Tuesday, we caught Scarborough ripping the Biden campaign for not pushing back on the Republican effort to paint Biden as “too old.” Scarborough demanded that the Biden campaign fight fire with fire, and offered a number of examples of verbal stumbles made by Trump.
Questioning the competency of the Biden campaign, at one point Scarborough said:

“His campaign operation, I don’t know if everybody is over 80 in his campaign operation, but his campaign operation, they need to put stuff out that ma …