How McCarthy led his divided conference in avoiding a government shutdown

After watching a conservative continuing resolution go down to hard-line conservative opposition on Friday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) walked into a meeting with his conference trying to game out the next steps.
He had just put up a conservative stopgap measure that cut spending and provided for intensive border security measures, but it wasn’t good enough for 21 members of his conference.
So, according to a source with knowledge of the conversations, in a conference meeting on Friday, he gave his members four options: get a Republican continuing resolution over the finish line with 218 votes — this was met with heavy skepticism; try and jam the Senate with a clean continuing resolution with disaster relief and dare the Democrats to vote against it; pass whatever continuing resolution the Senate passes; shut the government down.
The conference decided on option one, but instead of a 31-day continuing resolution, they would make it a 14-day continuing resolution. But the support for this plan still wasn’t there as there were still seven or eight holdouts, the source said.
But, even if a conservative continuing resolution were to p …