NewsBusters Podcast: Liberal Joy as ‘Nonpartisans’ Drag Trump to Court

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<div>NewsBusters Podcast: Liberal Joy as 'Nonpartisans' Drag Trump to Court</div>

There was joy and excitement as Donald Trump appeared in a court to face accusations of fraud in his business practices. The networks, as usual, hyped the trip to the courthouse with live coverage. “TRUMP ARRIVES AT COURT FOR CIVIL FRAUD TRIAL,” CNN announced like it was deeply impactful news. 
It could be, if the justice system fines Trump a prohibitive amount that makes him sell some of his properties.
Trump was taken to court by New York Attorney General Letitia James, and CNN did not mention she was a Democrat, or that she was elected on a promise to prosecute Trump. Likewise, CBS left out the (D) in its mention of the case. This is a long-running pattern. 
In addition, we discuss how CBS seemed bitter that the “hard right” shutdown did not materialize. Sunday Morning aired a cranky commentary from socialist economist (and former Clinton cabinet official) Robert Reich, as he listed all the horrors of a shutdown….if it had actually happened. 
Then on Face The Nation, host …