Syrupy Minutes! Pelley Touts Merrick Garland’s Nonpartisan Moderation, Holocaust Stories

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<div>Syrupy Minutes! Pelley Touts Merrick Garland's Nonpartisan Moderation, Holocaust Stories</div>

On their Twitter account, the long-running CBS show 60 Minutes offers this boastful language: “The most successful news magazine in TV history, offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news.” Scott Pelley’s Sunday night interview with Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is not what anyone would call a “hard-hitting investigative report.” Instead, it resembled a video press release. Just check out the tweets! 
For “hard-hitting,” see Pelley with President Bush in 2007. As anchor of the CBS Evening News, Pelley was a nightly bomb-thrower in the early days of President Trump, denying “reality” while he was “tweeting tantrums and falsehoods.”
Pelley explained at the outset: “Tonight, he tells us about the principles that guide him and how he would deal with political interference.” Pelley painted him as a centrist: “Caught in the middle is this 70-year-old former prosecutor and well-respected judge with a long history as a moderate.”
That sets up the bizarre notion that Biden’s Justice Department is nonpartisan in its pursuits.

“We do not have one rule for Republicans and another rule for Democrats …