‘The View’ Puts On Ver­bal Gym­nas­tics Exhi­bi­tion In Defense Of Jamaal ‘Fire Alarm’ Bow­man

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‘The View’ Puts On Verbal Gymnastics Exhibition In Defense Of Jamaal ‘Fire Alarm’ Bowman

The hosts of ABC’s “The View” twist­ed them­selves into knots dur­ing Monday’s broad­cast in an attempt to run defense for Rep. Jamaal Bow­man (D‑NY) and the brouha­ha sur­round­ing him pulling a fire alarm.
Bow­man claimed that he had been con­fused by a sign label­ing the door and “emer­gency exit” and warn­ing that an alarm would sound if the door were opened — and for that rea­son, he said he believed pulling the fire alarm on the wall near­by would cause the door to open.

Racist Sun­ny Hostin does­n’t want to call what Bow­man did “a stunt yet” because there still needs to be an investigation.She sug­gests the doors were closed as some sort of plot to keep him from read­ing: “The doors…to the cham­bers to read w …