Trump Cam­paign Demands RNC Can­cel All Pri­ma­ry Debates To Focus On Elec­tion ‘Integri­ty’

Trump Campaign Demands RNC Cancel All Primary Debates To Focus On Election ‘Integrity’

Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s cam­paign demand­ed on Mon­day night that the Repub­li­can Nation­al Com­mit­tee imme­di­ate­ly can­cel all remain­ing pri­ma­ry debates and direct all of their resources to ensur­ing elec­tion “integri­ty.”
“The Repub­li­can Nation­al Com­mit­tee should imme­di­ate­ly can­cel the upcom­ing debate in Mia­mi and end all future debates in order to refo­cus its man­pow­er and mon­ey on pre­vent­ing Democ­rats’ efforts to steal the 2024 elec­tion,” said Trump cam­paign man­agers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivi­ta.
They con­tin­ued, “Any­thing less, along with oth­er rea­sons not to can­cel, are an admis­sion to the grass­roots that their con­cerns about vot­er integri­ty are not tak­en ser …