Kim­mel, Schwarzeneg­ger Pro­mote Left­ism To Jus­ti­fy Remain­ing in GOP

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For his first post-Writ­ers’ Strike guest, ABC’s Jim­my Kim­mel wel­comed Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger to dis­cuss his favorite top­ic: Don­ald Trump’s weight. Schwarzeneg­ger would also insist that he is still a Repub­li­can by offer­ing up left-wing caus­es such as cli­mate activism and “uni­ver­sal health care” as rea­sons why.
Kim­mel real­ly does love the top­ic of Trump’s weight. Dur­ing the strike, he admit­ted it was the top­ic he most want­ed to be on the air to joke about and he had already brought it up in his mono­logue, so he nat­u­ral­ly brought it up with Schwarzeneg­ger, “I want to ask you a quick ques­tion about Don­ald Trump, because, you know, you guys both host­ed The Appren­tice, you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly see eye to eye on most things. He list­ed his weight at 215 pounds. Now, you are one of the fore­most experts on the male physique, body­build­ing, et cetera. When you size him up, what would yo …