Top Demo­c­rat Floats Poten­tial Can­di­dates For Speak­er

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Top Democrat Floats Potential Candidates For Speaker

With dis­cus­sions now under­way about the next House speak­er, a top Demo­c­rat offered a cou­ple names from among his GOP peers who could take on the role.
The assis­tant Demo­c­ra­t­ic leader in the House, Rep. James Clyburn (D‑SC), shared a brief list dur­ing an appear­ance on MSNBC, less than a day after the cham­ber oust­ed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R‑CA) from his perch as speak­er.
He men­tioned House Major­i­ty Leader Steve Scalise (R‑LA), who announced on Wednes­day his intent to run for speak­er fol­low­ing reports say­ing he was lob­by­ing for sup­port for a bid.
“There are peo­ple on both sides that could do this. I think that their leader … I know he’s hav­ing some health prob­lems, but Steve Scalise is a great guy,” Clyburn said.
Scalise has been receiv­ing treat­ment for blood can­cer. Last week, Scalise told reporters that the can­cer has “dropped dra­mat­i­cal­ly” because of chemother­a­py.

Clyburn also sug­gest­ed Rep. Tom Cole (R‑OK), who is chair­man of the House Rules Com­mit­tee.
“I think that Cole would be a sort of — the kind of tone that we would like to see,” Clyburn said.
Clyburn ulti­mate­ly rea­soned that he will “let” Repub­li­cans “han­dle their …