Fists of Fur­ry, by Michelle Malkin

Fists of Furry, by Michelle Malkin

Don’t believe the per­vert media. Reuters, NBC News, enter­tain­er John Oliv­er and Den­ver 9News zealot Kyle Clark all want you to believe that par­ents nation­wide are sim­ply imag­in­ing an infes­ta­tion of “fur­ries” (chil­dren dress­ing up and iden­ti­fy­ing as ani­mals) in their pub­lic schools. The gaslight­ing cam­paign is so tox­i­cal­ly incan­des­cent that you can see the glow from a SpaceX rock­et.
Let me assure you: You are not crazy. They are.
First, let’s review the head­lines over the past week.
Here’s Reuters on Oct. 18:
“Fact Check — No evi­dence of schools accom­mo­dat­ing ‘fu …