Nets Hide Polit­i­cal Iden­ti­ty of Left-Wing Activist Killed in NYC

Nets Hide Political Identity of Left-Wing Activist Killed in NYC

Ear­ly Mon­day, left-wing activist Ryan Car­son was stabbed to death on the streets of Brook­lyn, New York while he was on his way home from a wed­ding. In the days since his death, the media have picked up on it and begun mourn­ing Car­son while ignor­ing his left­ist pol­i­tics and hate­ful rhetoric includ­ing him cel­e­brat­ing the death of talk radio icon Rush Lim­baugh.  
ABC’s World News Tonight was the worst offend­er since the net­work spent the most time lion­iz­ing the hate­ful left­ist. Cor­re­spon­dent Trevor Ault report­ed Carl­son “a well-known social activist who helped fight pover­ty and addic­tion in the com­mu­ni­ty, and author­i­ties say it was a ran­dom attack.” 

After pro­vid­ing fur­ther details on the inci­dent, Ault aired kind words about Car­son from one of his friends: 

HANNAH HOLDEN: He had a bounce in his step and you could …