Our UN-Amer­i­can ‘Jus­tice’ Sys­tem, by Michelle Malkin

<div>Our UN-American 'Justice' System, by Michelle Malkin</div>

Not all open-bor­ders sub­ver­sives hide behind black ban­danas and hurl Molo­tov cock­tails. Some­times, they wear three-piece suits or silk dress­es. Most insid­i­ous­ly, the sabo­teurs of Amer­i­can jus­tice wear black robes, wield gavels and enlist oth­er offi­cers of the court to help them per­pe­trate crimes instead of pun­ish them.
Noth­ing shocks me any­more after 30 years of cov­er­ing immi­gra­tion anar­chy, but my dis­gust with Amer­i­can apa­thy toward the ero­sion of this once-sov­er­eign nation deep­ens every day. Take the case of Unit­ed States v. Shel­ley M. Rich­mond Joseph and Wes­ley Mac­Gre­gor. She’s the Mass­a­chu­setts state court judge a …